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What is Covered by this Privacy Policy?


At ThirdFun, we have our privacy policy for our domain. This policy applies to every member that registers or logs into their profile or a visitor examining the website to know about the site. 

What Information Do We Collect?


Information Provided By Members.

ThirdFun respects the information site users give us. There is a preliminary form to indicate the gender you identify as and who you are seeking; we do not store this data under any reason. 

Information Collected When You Visit Our Site

Our site employs third-party analytics to gather some non-personal data (also, identifying data). For no reason does our site store this data. However, we may share it with our tracking providers and analytics. We can share with Voluum if the visitors are from an advertising link. Such collected data include; 

  • Anonymized Ip address 

  • The type of browser

  • Location (non-specific) 

  • The type of location 

  • Pages viewed 

  • How you got to our site 


The list above is not shared or stored to personally identify any person. Rather, they are merely for statistics only. 

Other information Collected By Our Servers: 

Also, our servers can gather and store some data in raw log files. This is only for the basic functioning of the site.  We do not share this data with anyone. Such data includes;

  • IP address 

  • Page requested 

  • Browser type 

  • Referring website 

  • Time of server request 


How We Use Information: 

We use the information we collect from you in different ways. They include; 

For Site and User Experience’s improvement; 

The non-personal data our site collect can be used for any of these; 

  • Analyzing information and content visitors can prefer

  • Creating useful and relevant content for audience 

  • Identifying possible problems with servers or site 

  • Analyzing the effectiveness of site optimization efforts 

  • Providing the possible best experience for browser or device 


For Geo-Targeted Copy and Graphics Delivery; 

Sometimes, the site compares your IP address with the copy of the geolocation database your server is providing. This may include your city address. The site does not keep the information for personal use but only for non-specific location display purposes only. 

How We Share Information


With Our Service Providers: 

Under no reason do we transfer, sell or trade user’s personally identifiable information to any outside party. We may share non-personally identifiable information of visitors with trusted third-parties for aggregate statistics about our audinece and their behaviour. 

For ThirdFun, our link tracking service providers and analytics include Google Analytics and Boluum. Every stored and shared data with our service providers are non-personal. We maintain the anonymity of user’s IP address and never store it as personal data. 

When the Law or Legal Right is Involved:

As a law-abiding site, we deem it appropriate to comply with the Law, protect human rights, safety or property, and enforce our site policies. Hence, if required by the law, we may release your information only if it is appropriate. 

Cookie Policy

How Do Cookies Work? 

First and foremost, you can decide to “accept” or “reject” cookies to experience how it works. Nevertheless, cookies are small files that the ThirdFun site emplous to transfer your computers hard drive via your web browser. The purpose is simple - to capture certain information about your browser and easily recognize the same. 


Why and How Do We Use Cookies? 

Cookies are helpful for better user experience. The site employs third-party cookies like impression pixels and scripts to gather compiled data about site traffic. Together with the use of tracking URLs, the cookies allows the site to anonymously track URLs that provide better site optimization. 

Do we use Third Party Cookies? 

Yes, we do. Our cookies are set by Google Analytics which gather non-personal data about how members and visitors use the site. The gathered information helps to compile reports on traffic trends and improve content and user experience. 

Similarly, we can allow our link tracking provider to apply the cookie effect to some links. It helps to measure effectiveness and know how to improve site and ads content. 

What About Cookie Consent? 

The ThirdFun site employs strict meausres with user’s cookie usage to ensure compliance with GDRP regulations and protect their information. Hence, the cookies or its related technologies do not collect personal data and these cookies cannot be linked to any user. It is important for users to know that the site will not seek any consent on these cookies nor allow these cookies to obtain or transmit personal data.  

Can A User Opt Out of Google Analytics? 

Under no circumstance will Google Analytics collect or use your personal information on our site. In the same vein, users have the right and choice to op-out of the services. There is an opt-out tool users can employ to preent Google Analytics from accessing their data. 

Also, you can change your cookie settings via your browser’s “preferences” or “options” menu. It is important to note that some functionalities or features may be unavailable or limited to users who block or refuse all cookies. 


Erasing Your Data


As earlier stated, the site does not actively collect any personal information. Nevertheless, our servers logs may retain visitors’ IP addresses for a short while. Definitely, these addresses or any other personally information are not stored but the site can necessarily erase such data if users provide their IP address. Just to reiterate, your IP address may not be peculiar to you since you may be sharing similar internet connection with other users, even though your gadgets are not the same. 

Erasing Data Related To Your Membership And/Or Profile 

Completing registration to be a member of this dating platform implies that our partner’s privacy policy can apply to you as earlier stated. However, you have the right to erase such data if you do not want any sharing of such. 

About Third Party Links


Based on our discretion, we may sometimes offer or include links to third party services or site on our site. These sites have their independent and separate privacy policy which we do not meddle in. As such, we have no liability or responsibility for the activities and content of these third party sites. Nevertheless, as a platform that prioritizes integrity, our site is ready to listen to any comment you have about any linked third party site. 

GDPR Compliance for EU Residents

ThirdFun site has optimum respect for user’s information and privacy. In the same vein, we ensure we are in full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as we limit the use of personal data to only IP addresses. In turn, these addresses are stored in the site’s web server logs. Also, we limit the collection, storage, and sharing of all non-personal information strictly to the minimum required. This highly esteemed level of compliance with data privacy is applicable to all users of our site, wherever in the world. 

California Online Privacy Protection Act Compliance


The site is in compliance with California Online Privacy Protection Act to ensure proper value for users. We ignore Do Not Track (DNT) signals as the site does not use any user information for tracking purpose. Similarly, we cannot speak for any attached third party link if they use personal information or respond to DNT requests. 

Privacy Policy Modification


We esteem our words highly. Hence, we will ensure to post any modification we make to the privacy policy. Also, we will attach the date of modification to ensure optimum transparency with our users all over the world. 

This current policy was last modified and becomes effective as of August 31, 2023. 

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