Friday, February 2, 2018

Threesome Dating Tip

First of all you should have a clear idea of what you expect from this experience and try to make a plan of actions. All that preplanning will help you to avoid the mistakes and to enjoy your threesome experience fully.
Usually the most desirable for men type of threesome is with two women. Some men include their girlfriend or wives in threesome activities, the others don't. Well, it all depends on your imagination and sexuality.

When dealing with this kind of 3some a man should understand that the comfort of his woman (if she is involved) must be his first and major objective. This kind of experience with affect your relationships for sure, therefore try to avoid anything that would be uncomfortable for her. Keep in mind that you should give your woman the most of your attention in order not to cause her being jealous. Assure your girlfriend that she is your prior concern and it's a pure experiment for fun.

Never forget about safety. Use different condom for each partner and different hands for pleasuring each woman. For safety reasons it is better not to swap hands. The same safety rules are applicable if you use different sex toys during your play. Apply a separate condom for every toy when using it on each partner.

The common misconception about threesome with two women and a man is that a man is a center and gets all the attention from both women. Having these expectations you may feel a little bit ignored because your women will be also busy pleasuring each other as well. It's not you who gets the most of attention. It is more like a cycle activity, sex moves from person to person and the wisest thing here is to be as generous and giving as possible and you will get all the attention in return. Concentrate on pleasuring your women and eventually you will get the rewards.

There will be moments when you might feel completely abandoned, when two women are pleasuring each other. Instead of simply watching them, get yourself involved. You can pleasure yourself during these breaks of course, but there are much more exiting things to do. See what you can do. If one of the women is positioned comfortably to give oral sex, take the initiative. Or you can also caress their breasts, backs, inner thighs. Forget about your feelings, get sensual. 

Another difficulty that you may face is the penetration. When you are penetrating one woman the other is left on her own, that is why you should make sure that both women agree on that. But even the penetration is different in threesome. It's no one on one sex; all three of you should get the attention. So, when penetration one woman you can give some attention to the other, for example talk dirty to her, caress her with your hands, kiss her, etc.

More likely that you will get overexcited from threesome experience and come more quickly than usual, but don't forget to make sure that both women are satisfied, you must make both of  women climax by any means.
Also keep in mind that it is just a sexual experiment not a relationship. But if donꊰ feel confident about trying threesome, don't try to relax by drinking for bravery, as usually it ends up in a morning disappointment?
Therefore all three of you must feel comfortable with the idea of find a threesome experience.

That is the only way it is going to work and give you exciting sexual experience.

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